Senior Whole Life Insurance

Senior whole life insurance is an excellent product for someone who is looking to purchase a permanent life policy with a guaranteed death benefit. These policies are most often purchase for a few reasons, most commonly when a set amount of money is needed to:

  • Cover funeral/burial and final expense costs
  • Pay off debt for spouse, such as a mortgage
  • Provide a cash gift to spouse, children, grandchildren or other family members
  • To transfer money tax free after one dies

Senior whole life insurance policies are very popular because the underwriting on the applications are often much easier than underwriting on a term policy. This is very attractive to people who have some health conditions and are looking for an easy approval and do not want to deal with the headaches of a complicated medical examination.

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A senior can purchase a policy for almost any amount they desire. Whole life insurance is great because a person on a fixed income could purchase a small life policy for around $20 a month. However, a high net-worth couple may purchase several million dollars worth of senior whole life insurance.

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